Image of Hematite stack stretch bracelet with Heart charms

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Hematite stack stretch bracelet with Heart charms

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Limited edition 'dark heart' stretch bracelets is composed of one 10mm hematite (Hee-Muh-Tite), beaded bracelet and one 6mm hematite stretch bracelet with a silver chrimp bead & 3 black chrome heart lockets.

Intentionally Hematite is a iron & is a one of the heaviest of gemstone. But that is not to say that it will weigh down your arm for it doesn't weigh much pass 0.10oz. But it is to note that its stones is heavier than most. It is without any doubt a grounding stone and stone of protection. This can be deducted from its color at the first place, but also from the general characteristics that put it within the group of crystals and gemstones that have their impact on the root chakra.

These bracelets is a average fit size of 7.5" and is intended for either woman or unisex.