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Green agate gemstone stretch bracelet with onyx

Green agate gemstone stretch bracelet with onyx

This is a 10mm cracked frosted green agate bead stone with onyx bead.

Agate is a member of the quartz family of stones, and often you will find agates with bands of quartz and chalcedony layered through it. Agates are for the most part quite durable stones. They can be dyed different colors, sliced exceptionally thin, and aside from doing a real number on your blades because they’re so hard, are quite nice to work with in jewelry. Agates provide unlimited options to work with because of the sheer number of types of agates there are in the world. It also acts as a great grounding stone and protection stone. Use this as a aid for relaxation during meditation.

*We do not claim that the statements made on this website of the metaphysical properties of our gemstones is absolute. It is based on our belief system. Please purchase with your own digression based on your own belief.