Custom orders: NO CREDIT available. When ready
to purchase you will be emailed a invoice via pay pal. Payment is expected within 7 days issued from the invoice. If payment has not been received at the end of the 7 day period your invoice will be canceled.

Bracelets are not mailed until payment has been received. Once payment is
received production of your bracelet will begin and your item will be ship the
next business day.

Warranty: 1 year warrant on all bracelets. One year warranty covers the following:​

Stretch cord: In the event that the stretch cord has snapped or has been over stretched due to natural wear over time please return the whole bracelet including the gemstone beads and stretch cord. Once item is received you will be refunded any compensation
for shipping & handling.

What warranty will not cover: Any damage done to the gemstones itself. Upon packaging I personally check for any chipped or broken off pieces on the beaded gemstones
and precious metals. I am not responsible for any damage made by you or any other person(s) or object. I am also not responsible for damage that may occur during shipping.

If you receive the package damage please bring it to the attention to your local post master.

​Shipping: All jewelry is shipped with the higest care. Each item is bubble wrapped & carefully placed inside the envelope.

Placing orders with PayPal or Stripe: Please make sure that your address on paypal or Stripe is current! We are not responsible for mis-delivered mail if the recipient has failed to update their address. Mis-delivered mail is the sole responsibility of the buyer. A refund WILL NOT be issued until the item is 'returned to sender' (beadsbydez). If the item has not been received by me in a timely matter, the buyer may request a one time replacement for the same item.

Claims of gemstone bead meaning : Our description of the meaning of the metaphysical properties of the gemstones is based of historical meaning but it is NOT intended to be taken as a absolute with the intention of purchasing under the belief that it may heal you in anyway. There is no conclusive evidence that the metaphysical properties of these stones will help in anyway. The purchaser of these items are doing so based on their beliefs in the properties of the stones or for entertainment purposes only.