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Amazonite set


Necklace: 26" Amazonite necklace mixed with lava beads. It also has a hand carved Amazonite pendant with silver trim finish. A 0.4mm double nylon thread was used to create this necklace and is very durable.

Bracelets: Set of 3 Amazonite stretch bracelet beads with 2 gold pave' beads and one gold pave' space bar.

Since ancient times, Amazonite has been known for its emotional and stress healing powers and to aide with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and chakra balancing. Combined with the lava may amplify the properties for the wearer.

*We do not claim that the statements made on this website of the metaphysical properties of our gemstones is absolute. It is based on our belief system. Please purchase with your own digression based on your own belief.