*Persia (NEW!)


Men's bracelet containing 1 copper bracelet cuff, 1 pair of 10mm agate stretch bracelets with pair of copper plated brass beads.

Be unique with this 1-of-a-kind luxury looking set. The copper bracelet cuffs is a unisex fit that easily places on the wrist from the opening. The cuff is 17mm wide with cutout pattern, adjustable from 7-8 inches with magnetic ends.

Agate helps with the healing of wounds both emotional & physical. It acts to enhance the achievement of personal goals and the acquisition of prosperity. Being an Earth Stone it intensifies the ability to communicate with nature spirits and the grounding of one's spiritual energies within the physical body.

*Disclaimer: The metaphysical description is meant for those that believe in such and we do not claim that our bracelets can or will cause any effect on your body physically or mentally. We are simply stating the culture origin as defined by those that spiritually believe in the powers of crystals and gemstones.